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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Record what’s on your Screen Use it CAMSTUDIO

Have you ever been in a scenario that you need to record what’s on your screen? Do you need to show someone how to do something, or even just to record something from YouTube quickly? Well here’s how:

Step 1

Pop over to and download the EXE. Launch it, and you should be presented with this screen:
CS1 500x296 CamStudio, Record whats on your Screen

Step 2

Go ahead and agree to the terms & conditions. Hit next once more, and then the (very quick) installation will commence. When done, click OK twice, and then double-click the CamStudio icon that comes up, and you’ll see the software:
CS2 CamStudio, Record whats on your Screen

Step 3

You’re now ready to use the program. Click Record when you’re ready.
One final thing is to select where to record. Click the Region button, and choose what you’d like. There will be three options:
1) Region – when you click Record, it’ll ask you to select the region of the screen to record.
2) Fixed Region … - you program in the size of the region, so you just have to choose the location on recording.
3) Full Screen - records the whole screen.
Enjoy using your new CamStudio!
Download CamStudio
Download CamStudio, Record whats on your ScreenDownload CamStudio 2.o – Here

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