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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Transfer Your Files and Settings to a Windows 7

Windows Easy Transfer 01Windows easy transfer is designed to help you get your settings from your old PC to your shiny, new PC. in this guide I’ll show you how to get your old PC setup for transfer, via  a USB drive/external hard drive, and then show you how to transfer the files to your new PC.

Set up Your old PC for Transfer

To set up the old PC with a transfer, you will need to go to your new PC and do the following:
1. Click the Start button, type transfer and click Windows Easy Transfer.
Windows Easy Transfer 01
2. Click An external hard disk or USB flash drive.
Windows Easy Transfer 02
3. Indicate this is your new computer.
Windows Easy Transfer 03
4. You will likely need to install Windows Easy Transfer on your old computer so click I need to install it now (even if it’s already installed, this does no harm and ensures compatibility.)
Windows Easy Transfer 04
5. You can transfer the installation settings via External hard disk, shared network folder, or USB drive. Click External hard disk or shared network folder if you have an external hard drive or USB flash drive if you have one of these to use.
Windows Easy Transfer 05
6. Save Easy Transfer to your hard disk/network drive/USB drive.
Windows Easy Transfer 06
7. Wait while Easy Transfer is copied.
Windows Easy Transfer 07
8. Follow these instructions to install Easy Transfer on your old computer.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 08

Transfer Your Files

9. Go to your old PC and, after following the instructions above, click Next on the Easy Transfer screen.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 09
10. Select the method you indicated on your new PC (likely An external disk or USB flash drive.)
Windows Easy Transfer 2 10
11. Indicate you are using the old computer.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 11
12. Note the transfer key and go to your new computer.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 12
13. Type the key on your new PC and click Next.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 13
14. Easy transfer will make sure the transfer can complete without errors.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 14
Easy Transfer will scan and find what can be transferred.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 16
16. Pick what files and settings you’d like to transfer.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 17
17. Clicking advanced options lets you customize exactly what should be transferred.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 18
18. Transfer begins from your old computer (please don’t use it while the files transfer as you don’t want to change program settings and files that are already transfered — you’ll lose your changes on your new PC.)
Windows Easy Transfer 2 15
19. After transfer is completed, click See what was transferred to make sure everything moved over. You can also come back and see what suggestions Windows gives for programs that need to be installed on your new PC. i.e. if you transferred .DOCX and .XLSX files over, Windows Easy Transfer will suggest installation of Microsoft Office so these files can be opened.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 19
You can see what transferred.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 20
See what programs you need to install on your new PC.
Windows Easy Transfer 2 21
You will be notified that transfer is completed and you can start installing programs on your new PC (if you haven’t already done so.)
Windows Easy Transfer 2 22

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